Summer is here!

It’s warming up fast, so please don’t take your dog places if you have to leave them in the car. The inside of the car heats up very fast and cause kill your dog in a very short amount of time. More people are becoming aware of this and more people are taking action. So, if you see a dog in a hot car, don’t just hope that someone else will act…as you may be the only person that does. There are some things you can do to help:

•If the dog is panting, call the non-emergency dispatch number to get law enforcement/animal control alerted and find out what you can do to help the dog and stay on the right side of the law.

◦Ada County Sheriff 208-377-6790 (Kuna, Eagle & Star)

◦Boise City Police 208-377-6790

◦Nampa City Police 208-465-2257

◦Caldwell City Police 208-454-7531

◦Meridian City Police 208-888-6678

•Go into the store and let customer service know and ask them to make an announcement to encourage the owner to get their dog out of the car. Then wait to make sure someone comes out to get their dog.

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