Why what you feed your furbaby, or not, is so important.

Any of you who have been following us, know that Nacho is a rescue that we adopted in January 2020.  He's the best thing that has come from 2020, and secretly might have been behind COVID, forcing me to work from home.  (just kidding)  It is a coincidence, though.  Anyway, we are learning so much about what malnutrition can do to dogs long term, as Nacho was obviously neglected the first 9 years of his life.  Thankfully, Moonsong Malamute Rescue took him in and the rest is history.  Nacho had a recent senior wellness vet checkup, and the vet found a skin infection starting...which was hiding underneath all of his fur.  Due to malnutrition, his skin needed extra stuff to help make it healthier.  So, for 10 days, we had to give him antibiotics, and a medicated bath once a week for 4 weeks.  Had he been given proper nutrition, as he grew up, he most likely wouldn't have the issues he has now.  He also lost muscle mass around his spine due to malnutrition, according to our vet.  In the short time we have had him, he has really blossomed, but I imagine health issues will start popping up as he gets older. All of our other dogs, we have rescued or gotten when they were young, and never had these issues, so this is our first experience of rescuing and old man and trying to make his senior years the best.  Now we also giving him Krill oil, the same as humans take, in order to help him even more and hopefully prevent future issues.  So, everything you feed your dog, or don't feed them, matters.  You save a few bucks now, but later it will cost you with higher vet bills, additional supplements, meds and your furbaby will suffer.  If you're interested in changing your dog's diet, to make sure they're getting everything they need for a healthier life, you can check out the Dog's Naturally Magazine for recipes.  For a more personalized consultation, you can contact Holistic Pet Mentor for a consult with a dog nutritionist.

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