Behind the Barkery

This is truly a labor of love for me.  I’m not sure every dog treat maker can state that, but I can.  Dogs are my passion.  I started baking my own dog treats 20 years ago.  My first dog, Sara, was so picky and our other dog, Mikki, had such a sensitive tummy. After Sara passed away, at the age of 10, I felt it was too soon and maybe there was something I could’ve done better with her nutrition.  So, I began to study canine nutrition and learned how to read dog food labels in order to find a better food for my dogs. It turned into a passion.  In 2015, my vet was intrigued by the treats I was bringing in to reward my dog, Kodiak, during his checkup, as he refused the vet treats.  After that discussion, I decided to launch Snake River Barkery to share my yummy, and healthy, treats with other dog owners who want to reward their furbaby with a treat everyday and not have to worry about what those treats are doing to their furbaby’s health.  They’re freshly baked, with whole ingredients, that are from the same trusted sources you get your groceries from, no additives, no preservatives and no sweeteners.  I only use ingredients that are 100% safe for dogs to consume, made with the same safety standards used when cooking human food.   Quality, Safety, Freshness and Flavor are what I focus on for my treats.


Chief Taste Tester - Nacho

Nacho came to us in 2020, from Moonsong Malamute Rescue, months after we lost our Sheila. It was puppy love at first sight. Nacho is living up his retirement years with us.  He sleeps a lot, but always knows when treats are being made.  He enjoys his daily walks, shaking the stuffings out of his animal toys and testing my new recipes.  Everything has to be “Nacho Approved”.  

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