Health Benefits of Gluten Free Oat Flour

As a pet parent, it’s always a struggle in knowing what to give your furbaby that will be safe for them to consume.  Many large pet food manufacturers have in the news being taken to court over non-disclosure of ingredients, or even deceptive advertising.  Even in human nutrition, there are so many opinions about what you should eat and what you should avoid, and most of the time we’ve found them conflicting opinions.  So, who do you believe? We all can’t go to school to get our degree in nutrition.  Our mission has always been to provide treats for your furbaby that are not only yummy, but also have healthy ingredients.  There's a reason we choose the ingredients that we do.  One of the main ingredients of our biscuits is Gluten Free Oat Flour.  One of the amazing reasons we chose Oat Flour is that it has some of incredible benefits for your furbaby.  Gluten free oat flour contains protein, fat, and a good balance of amino acids, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that can help in maintaining and/or improving the health of your furbaby. *  It’s also great for their digestive system.  Some have suggested to feed your furbaby oatmeal when it seems as though they have ingested something that has upset their stomach.  One of the reasons suggested, is that oatmeal can help absorb toxins and move them out of your furbaby’s system quicker. This is a tactic that we've actually used on our dogs when they've seemed as though they weren't feeling well, and usually by the next day, they act like they're feeling better.  We're not veterinarians, or certified dog nutritionists, but we can attest to using oatmeal to aid our dogs digestive upsets over the years and every time, it has worked.  This is why we use gluten free oat flour in our dog biscuits. Also, we go a step further in the fact that we don’t use just any Oat Flour, our supplier is a flour mill that gets it’s oats from North America and is a human-grade flour supplier.  So basically, it’s the same oat flour that you would use in your baked goods we well.  So you can feel good about the treat you're giving your furbaby, they think it's a yummy treat but you know you're giving them something that's nutritious as well.  

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