Nacho came to us in January 2020, from Moonsong Malamute Rescue, at the ripe age of 9 years old.  It was puppy love at first sight, though, and he walked into our lives as if he had been with us forever. Nacho lived up his retirement years with us but did have some new adventures, like camping and dog toys.  He slept a lot, but he loved taste testing treats, chewing on bones, mealtime, daily walks and shaking the stuffings out of his animal toys.  Nacho was loved by everyone who met him.  The time with him was short, but he changed our life forever and I would do it all over again.    



Kodiak was born on December 5, 2002.  His parents were part of a sled team, so he had a lot of zeal.  His hobbies were watching mommy and daddy bake treats, cleaning up the floor if we drop anything, hanging out with us while we watch TV, taking walks through the neighborhood and exploring the wilderness with us during camping season.  He was not your typical husky but he always did things his way.  We weren’t quite ready to let him go, but he left us anyway in his sleep on March 27, 2017.   Kodiak, you forever be missed but a part of you will live on with every treat we bake.



 Sheila came to us from Idaho Domestic Animal Welfare Group, in 2008.  She was about 3 years old when we adopted her and she was with us for 11 years.  She added so much joy to our home and had many little quirks the drove us crazy, but it also made her that much more special.  It's never easy losing a furbaby, but she was so loved and spoiled throughout her life with us and that gives us peace knowing we gave her our best.  Live wild and free, our little angel.