Nacho's first Christmas in his furever home!

Last year, our Christmas was quiet, my floors were clean but my house felt empty.  2020 brought some negativity to the world, but for us, it brought us our beloved Nacho.  Thanks to Moonsong Malamute Rescue, we were introduced to a dog that would change our lives more than any other dog we have ever had.  Nacho got some toys for his stocking and didn't realize they were toys for him....but once he realized they were his toys...he's been playing with them every day since them.  Both toys were made by Kong, in hopes they'd be

durable...but we got him a Moose and Racoon toy.  Since then, he sleeps with his Moose in his crate and the evenings...he tends to carry his Moose around with him to wherever he decides to lay down.  It's the cutest thing I've seen.  Yesterday, as he played with his Moose and leaned in to Dustin for loves....when I leaned in to kiss him on the nose...he kissed my chin.  My heart melted like butter in that moment.  

My floors have dirty paw prints on them,  I have fur on my clothes, my house isn't quiet anymore but it is so full now.  The best Christmas ever! 







P.S. anyone interested in fostering or adopting a Mal...check out Moonsong Malamute Rescue

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