Nacho's Camping Adventures

Nacho, here!  I gotta tell ya that my mom and dad took me on my first trip that they call “camping”.  I’m not really sure what “camping” is, but I LOVE IT! The ride felt like it took forever but once we got there, I got to explore a little.  There were so many new smells and trees everywhere!  Mom and dad found a place near a cool creek for me to play in and grass to lie in.  There were trees everywhere, more than I could pee on in one weekend, and lots of different sounds. 

I got my own bed in the camper and it was so big!  I didn’t have to sleep in my crate, got to sleep in and mamma even fed me my breakfast in bed!  Spoiled?  Oh,yeah…I think I know what that means now and I love it!

I got to go on a long walk where I thought my brain was going to explode with so many smells to take in.  Mom laughed and said I had a funny look on my face but I was so happy!  I also discovered these fuzzy creatures that barked at me and then scurried into holes in the ground.  So many holes and I could smell them but couldn’t catch them.  I think they were teasing me and plotting against me.  They managed to evade me but, next time, I swear I catch one.   I was so tired after the long walk, that I couldn’t keep me eyes open.  Mamma was worried it was too warm, so she turned on a fan for me.  It was so relaxing!  She even put a frozen towel over me to make sure I was cool enough.  She sure does love me a lot.  Dad loves me too, don’t get me wrong.  He took me on walks, loved on me and kept telling me how good of a boy I am.    

I love this camping thing, but I also was so happy to go home, so I could have my backyard again to roam in without being tied to mom or dad….and to be able to stretch out on the floor and not have mom or dad tripping over me.  I definitely want to go again. 

Nacho, The Barkery Boy

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