Nacho Week 1 Recovery Update

It's been a week since our terrifying encounter with a condition we never new existed, vestibular disease.  (see previous blog post) Nacho finished his round of Cernia three nights ago and we've see no reoccurrence of the condition.  Friday, we started Nacho on the Dasaquin supplement and have seen his personality perk up, he's wagging his tail more and seems to have his old energy levels back. I'm surprised that he's made such a turn-around so quickly, but we're continuing to keep an eye on him for any symptoms of reoccurrence.  Nacho did decide he wanted to continue to lick the area they shaved for the we've had to keep it bandaged so he doesn't create a sore.  We tried a shirt sleeve attached to his collar...but never underestimate a determined Malamute. LOL!  He managed to get it off and we had to resort to bandaging it.  


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