Christmas Paws
Snake River Barkery

Christmas Paws

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Get your furbaby this Honey Ginger paw-shaped cookie frosted with Rudolph!  It's hand-decorated with our special pup-safe icing.

These cookies are fresh-baked with human-consumable ingredients, and only just slightly sweetened, but still very flavorful.  

Ingredients:  Gluten Free Oat Flour, ground ginger, and honey.  
*Icing:  Powdered Yogurt, Tapioca powder, honey, yogurt and almond milk. 
vegetable food coloring and Carob Powder.

  • Moisture 4.39%
  • Protein 13.66%
  • Fat 15.76%
  • Fiber 1.5%

*Frosting decorations for each cookie may vary due to being individually decorated.

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